Years of dedicated, Smart and Borderless logistics
"Special Handling and Extra Service"

Project Logistics

Complexity Simplified

Our Team of project logistics experts have handled consignments of various dimensions and complexity that requires specialized lifting equipment and team of certified riggers.

Within the region the Team have experienced in directly handling over a million metric tons of project logistic consignment using special equipment and chartering service.


Clearances and Freight Forwarding; Land - Sea - Air

Regional and global project logistics alliances of project cargo specialist for moving in remote sites and tough terrains

Project logistics management services for a wide range of industries, including construction, mining, power, oil, and gas and chemical industries

Subject matter experts to ensure excellent planning and fine tuning of scope of work during pre and post-project period

Sea or Air Chartering Services

Standard or Controlled Storage and lay-down services including special handling using special equipment

Project management, down to the smallest details of your project move. Exceptional attention to all regulatory compliance issues, safe operations, and the protection of the environment.