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Contract Logistics


Our Contract Logistics includes fully integrated services related to Warehousing, Distribution, Last-Mile Delivery and Order Fulfillment. The Team is able to design and deliver scalable solutions tailored to your individual business needs. DIFOT (delivery in full on-time) will ensure your business requirements are fulfilled, serivce, commitments are met and most importantly, customers are satisfied. Our key strength is our ability to offer best-in-class flexible and hassle free logistics solutions to ensuer your consignment moves seamless from one point to another and to keep your supply chains running smoothly and effectively. We do this through our various logistics alliances globally and facilities across the region.

Online Warehouse Management System

Covered Storage, multi temperature regime

Open Yard Storage

Online Order Tracking

Online Inventory Management & Reporting

Order Kitting


Order Processing & Fulfillment

Cross Docking

Reverse Logistics

Proof of Delivery

Last-Mile Delivery/Distribution

Promotional Packing

Special Tagging & Labeling

3rd Party Inspection Services